Ben Bergquam

Ben is a conservative talk show host and activist who has seen the death and destruction lawless sanctuary policies have had on the lives of his fellow Californians. “When the politicians become the very enemies that they took an oath to protect Americans from, it’s time to fight back.”

Ben is a spokesperson for the Fight Sanctuary State Movement, and speaks before the media and interested groups throughout California.

Ben Bergquam has been active in local, state and national affairs for a number of years. He is keenly aware of the dangers faced by our young people and families through the lax enforcement of our Border Security and in offering sanctuary to illegal aliens. He knows that good laws and a healthy society need folks who are willing to do more than simply sit in front of their computer battling it out on Social Media.

Ben is committed to protecting California Children and Families. He produces a daily podcast called Frontline America and hosts his very own Frontline Radio Broadcast on the Salem Affiliate out of Fresno.

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