Sabine Durden

Sabine Durden is a LEGAL immigrant from Germany whose only child, Dominic, was killed by an illegal alien from Guatemala on July 12, 2012 in Moreno Valley, California. Dominic was riding his motorcycle when Juan Zacarias Tzun turned his truck into Dominic’s path. The impact killed Dominic instantly.

Tzun had a lengthy criminal record, including a felony conviction for armed robbery and grand theft and two DUI’s. After the armed robbery conviction Tzun was deported, but illegally returned. Although he was a convicted felon in the country illegally – and had no driver’s license, insurance or registration – Tzun wasn’t deported after the DUI’s – he was only given probation.

Tzun only served 35 days in jail for killing Dominic Durden! He was eventually taken into Immigration custody and deported.

Dominic worked for the Riverside Sheriff’s Department 911 dispatch center and volunteered for the local fire department and was active in keeping his community safe. He had his private pilot license and studied to become a motorcycle officer and then a helicopter pilot for the police department. He was known for his laughter, fun personality, big heart, kindness and is missed by so many.

After Dominic’s death, Sabine founded Dom Hugs.

She is an advocate for victims of illegal alien crime and testified at a Judiciary Committee Hearing in DC in 2013, has spoken at numerous rallies, and was a Guest speaker at the Republican National Convention 2016.

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