Attorney General’s Help in Fighting Sanctuary State Law Welcomed

Los Angeles, CA (March 6, 2018) – Just hours ago a lawsuit was filed against the State of California, Gov. Jerry Brown, and Attorney Xavier Becerra by the federal government seeking to invalidate three California laws which “obstruct the United States’ enforcement of federal immigration law.”

Fight Sanctuary State welcomes the Trump administration’s efforts in fighting these dangerous, unconstitutional, un-American, and anti-family laws. The lawsuit goes hand-in-hand with our proposed amendment to the California Constitution, which would invalidate these laws and prohibit rogue politicians from enacting similar laws in the future.

The suit, filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California, specifically lists SB 54 (California Values Act), AB 450 (Immigrant Worker Protection Act), and AB 103 (Omnibus budget bill). These laws reward illegal behavior, put California’s law-abiding residents at risk and, as the lawsuit states, “require federal immigration officers to…engage in difficult and dangerous efforts to re-arrest aliens who were previously in state custody, endangering immigration officers…and others who may be nearby.”

Not surprisingly, Gov. Brown called the move a “political stunt,” Becerra said the state was “focused on public safety,” and Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg said he worried about the “hard-working immigrant families and law-abiding people who are just trying to make their way like the rest of us.”

Sanctuary laws do nothing to increase public safety, says Fight Sanctuary State leader Don Rosenberg, whose son Drew was killed by an illegal alien.

“The repeated theme is that the people targeted are immigrants and law-abiding. The truth is they are neither.

“We have no problem with immigrants who want to come here and become citizens. Our problem is with those who first break the law to come here, then continue to break more laws. Our sanctuary state law has absolutely nothing to do with legal immigration.

“Xavier Becerra’s lying for political gain is just plain despicable.”

Fight Sanctuary State’s Agnes Gibboney, whose son Ronald was killed by a previously deported illegal alien, said:

“I am incredibly pleased with President Donald Trump for keeping his word and putting Americans first. I am equally proud of AG Sessions for taking a stand against unruly and corrupt California politicians.

“We have to show the nation and the world that legal, law-abiding people are now in control in our country. Illegal aliens cry for the cameras, worrying that their families will be separated. Real separation is what is endured by the Angel Moms, Dads and Families who had to bury their loved ones who were murdered by illegals. ENOUGH.”

The administration’s lawsuit is a necessary first step in rolling back the “Criminals First” policy that’s been prevalent in Sacramento for far too long.

Unfortunately, with the 9th Circuit’s track record we’re afraid that justice, if it comes, will not be swift. And, we know that even while this lawsuit is pending these heartless politicians will be back at the drawing board looking for ways to prioritize criminal illegal aliens over our families and children. That is why we believe it’s necessary that the California Constitution be amended so our leaders can never again trample over the hopes and dreams of California’s families. Our proposal to do just that will be unveiled in the coming days.

In the meantime, we are greatly encouraged by the Trump administration’s actions to rein in the extreme actions of Jerry Brown, Xavier Becerra, Kamala Harris, Kevin De Leon, and their accomplices.