Don Rosenberg Speaks Out Against Sanctuary at Santa Clarita City Council

Fight Sanctuary State co-founder Don Rosenberg gave an emotional speech to the Santa Clarita City Council, urging them to vote to opt out of compliance with SB54. At the end of his remarks the audience gave him a standing ovation.

As a result of his remarks, Don was invited to appear on Fox & Friends to discuss Drew’s case and the ballot initiative he filed, the Children, Family & Community Protection Act.

HELP US get the Children, Family & Community Protection Act (which KILLS the Sanctuary State) on the ballot!

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1 thought on “Don Rosenberg Speaks Out Against Sanctuary at Santa Clarita City Council”

  1. I will vote to ban sanctuary state status. My husband put his life on the line for twenty-one years in the U.S.Army to protect Americans from foreign and domestic traitors, to keep us free and safe in this great nation.
    I fought the battle against the oil industry to pass the clean water act and ban MTBE.
    Here in California, we have been bombarded with illegal immigrants who break our laws to come for a better life. They can’t pay taxes and soak up resources like education, food stamps, MediCal and housing on the backs of hard working American taxpaying citizens. They are rude and obnoxious to people and assume everyone speaks Spanish. If you complain to a store manager that the cashier spoke to you in Spanish, they tell you to shop elsewhere.


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