GOP Bill Would Imprison Sanctuary City Officials Who Protect Illegals

The Trump administration has already been making a concentrated effort to cut off federal funding from sanctuary cities, but Rep. Todd Rokita’s new bill takes the initiative one step further.

In a bill introduced to the house on December 4, Rokita outlined a proposal to strictly punish sanctuary city officials who deliberately protect illegal immigrants.

Rokita’s proposed bill would apply severe penalties to elected officials in sanctuary cities. Titled the “Stopping Lawless Actions of Politicians Act”, or SLAP, the bill would imprison local and state officials for up to five years, or impose a fine of up to one million dollars for refusal to comply with federal immigration enforcement efforts and deportations.


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2 thoughts on “GOP Bill Would Imprison Sanctuary City Officials Who Protect Illegals”

  1. I fully support the initiative to end this insane situation where a city, now even a whole state, can flout federal law. California is probably the worst offender in this particular case, but there are many cities & municipalities around the U.S. that are guilty. End it! Let me know what we need to do in order to bring back a better semblance of order in our federal & state governments, particularly with regard to stopping illegal immigration. If you need workers to help build a wall, I am available.

  2. This bill NEEDS to pass, and Moonbeam NEEDS to be in JAIL! This bill would be great, but we need Sessions to do his job NOW, and make an example of Brown….don’t wait for any new bill….the laws are clear enough currently. Brown has broken the law, and should be arrested and recalled as Gov. ASAP. As a native Californian, I do NOT need a criminal as my Governor….this is unacceptable!


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