Our Game Plan

In late 2017, a core group of Californians came together to file a referendum to repeal the state’s recently-passed sanctuary state law (SB 54). However, we soon realized there are 3 laws recently-approved by the Sacramento politicians which must be stopped. These 3 misguided policies grant new privileges to illegal aliens and compromise our public safety.

When our plan is approved by California voters in 2020, these anti-public safety laws will be STOPPED:

Ban on employer-ICE cooperation (AB 450)

AB 450 prohibits employers from cooperating with immigration enforcement; forbids employers from re-verifiying the employment eligibility of their employees; and imposes fines on employers of up to $10,000 for violations

The Californian Sanctuary State (SB 54)

SB 54 prohibits law enforcement from asking about immigration status and prohibits law enforcement agencies from cooperating with immigration enforcement

Illegal alien drivers’ licenses (AB 60)

AB 60 grants drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens and jeopardizes election integrity by failing to effectively safeguard against the DMV automatically registering illegal aliens to vote through the state “Motor Voter Law”

But WE NEED YOUR HELP to get it on the ballot!

We will need to present 365,800 valid signatures to the Secretary of State within 180 days of receiving Title and Summary from the Attorney General’s office.

We know that officials will find every possible reason to disqualify signatures, so we’ve set a goal to collect 700,000 signatures in this 180-day time period.

Impossible number? NO. Daunting? YES. But we can do it with your help.

No initiative has qualified with only volunteer signatures since the 1960’s. That’s why we will need both volunteers circulating petitions AND paid signature gatherers.

We estimate qualifying this measure for the ballot will cost $3,150,000.

Will you help us qualify this critical measure to protect California’s public safety

Click here to make a donation now. Every dollar puts us closer to our goal!