For too long Democrats in Sacramento have just laughed as they passed law after law prioritizing criminals over the hard-working families of California. They’ve turned a blind eye as illegal aliens have raped, assaulted, and murdered Californians. We cannot allow the Sanctuary State laws to stand. Our legal team is putting the final touches on a ballot initiative that will do away with these unconstitutional and immoral laws.

We need your help to make sure we’ve got all of the resources we need to reach California’s voters with the truth. If you can, please contribute $25, $50, $100 or more to the effort today!


For years, some California cities and counties have defied the law and refused to cooperate when federal immigration authorities want to apprehend criminal illegal aliens upon their release from jail – with disastrous results.

Criminal illegal aliens have been responsible for the deaths of thousands of Californians, whether through intentional murder or vehicular manslaughter. Criminal illegal aliens, protected by your insane “sanctuary” laws, are about 22% of our state prison population and have been jailed for murder, domestic violence, drunk driving, human trafficking, gang violence, drug trafficking, rape, and child sexual assault.

We believe in the American Dream, and also in California Dreams. We believe that legal immigration is a crucial part of the American dream, allowing people from all over the world who are restless innovators, dreamers and doers, to join us and build an even brighter future.

But rather than championing these hard-working legal immigrants, who made great sacrifices to come here the right way, you continue to prioritize law-breaking illegal aliens over everyone else. And we’ve had ENOUGH.

We won’t waste our breath asking you to repeal SB 54 and AB 450, or to take a stand for California’s citizens and legal immigrants. We know that won’t happen. Instead, we’re just letting you know – we’re not sitting silent any longer. We will not allow this lawlessness to continue.