Don Rosenberg, father of a young man killed by an illegal immigrant, has formally filed the “Children, Family, and Community Protection Act” ballot initiative with the State of California today.

The initiative would delete sections of the California Government Code related to two bills passed in 2017, the deceptively-named California Values Act (SB 54) and the Immigrant Worker Protection Act (AB 450). It would require law enforcement officers to cooperate with federal immigration officers, impose criminal penalties on law enforcement officers and government officials who don’t, and eliminate driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.

In his filing, Rosenberg observed the people of California have suffered and are suffering as a result of the lack of leadership from our elected officials – most notably Jerry Brown and Kevin De Leon. “We’re fed up with California’s elected officials playing politics with our lives and prioritizing criminals over citizens and legal immigrants.”

The initiative can be viewed here.

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  1. Well done, and finally!
    You’ll notice how deceptive the 2017 law is: the “IMMIGRANT” Worker Protection Act. REALLY? So, we’ve gone from illegal alien, to illegal immigrant, to undocumented worker, to simply undocumented, to now, the term “immigrant” for all those who enter our state legally or not.
    Be prepared for a huge pushback from Governor Brown, Kevin De Leon, and their ilk. They are going to justify how driver licenses to illegal immigrants is a safety issue. They are also going to claim that “law abiding” “illegal” immigrants will suddenly become afraid to report violent crime in fear that they will be rounded up and deported. From my understanding, law-enforcement or ICE have no ax to grind with law-abiding “citizens” that report violent crime. Their intention is to get to the “true” criminals. This nonsense from Kevin De Leon and State Attorney General Bacerra is just that, NONSENSE! It is simply fear mongering to justify their cause.
    Let’s just hope and pray that the Children, Family, and Community Protection Act passes, And, that we get some semblance of sanity back to our supposedly “broken” immigration system. I say this sarcastically, because our system is not really “broken“. It’s just that it hasn’t been “enforced” for some 30 years! Now, it’s finally being enforced! It might be “unpopular”, hated, resented, and resisted. But, it’s not BROKEN! It’s only “broken” to those who have their own political, economic, and social biases and agendas to attend to. To them, constitutional law is something to be fought, avoided, and disregarded.

    Dear City Council, of Los Alamitos,
    Subj: Sanctuary City
    I support your decision to challenge California’s Sanctuary City Law. I support your decision as being heroic and protective of our Constitution. I support Legal, controlled, Immigration.
    I look upon the Sanctuary law (SB-54) to be comparable to when the Southern States succeeded from the nation United States, the move resulted in the Civil War. Any law, even a partial one like (SB-54), that illegally separates and removes itself form the United States Government, is Unconstitutional.
    The Sanctuary Law (SB-54) is illegal, unconstitutional, and detrimental to the Citizens of the United states. In fact, it undermines the citizens of the United States.
    I, nor any veteran, did not serve in the United States Armed Forces, to come home, and to preserve, illegal immigration. We served to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States of America.
    Why would anyone serve in the military to support rampant illegal immigration?
    I support the United States Constitution, and legal immigration. We are a county of Legal Immigrants.
    Thank you for a job well done.

    Larry Bales, Viet Nam Veteran
    714 227 7966
    Ps: For those who are concerned about the finance, remember some of our veterans have paid the ultimate price to preserve our way of life.

  3. Thank you Mr. Donald Rosenberg for your courage and brilliance to stand up against the onslaught of the illegal alien being pushed on us who live in California. We appreciate you so much for donating your time, work, spirit to this cause. I am so sorry you lost your son to this rotten program that the insane California bureaucrats that seem to have lost all sense and balance. I truly do not understand their rationales. Democrats claims of needing illegal aliens for workforce falls short when one sees that there are workforce programs available for foriegn workers to come to the USA with permits, both seasonal and continuous.

    Thank you again to Mr. Rosenberg and to the Angel Familes. OXO Nann

  4. Good to hear that not only does the fight continue, but that there are diligent supporters of Dr. Rosenberg’s Children, Family, and Community Act. Let’s just hope and pray that enough of our fellow Californians feel the same!
    I can almost guarantee you, that if it were found that illegal immigrants would vote Republican, not only would you not hear a peep out of Democrats about their supposed “rights”, but they couldn’t get them out of the state fast enough. Their hiprocrasy and feigned sense of fairness is despicable! Before the Latino population grew to a potential political force in the state of California, the Democratic left was in favor of strong borders and enforced restrictions on illegal immigration. This viewpoint only changed for political expedience!


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