Agnes Gibboney Visits Her Son on the 16-Year Anniversary of His Murder

Sixteen years ago today, Ronald da Silva was murdered – gunned down by a previously-deported illegal alien gang member.

Pro-Sanctuary State politicians claim that enforcing the United States’ immigration laws and deporting criminal illegal aliens is cruel because it separates families. Agnes Gibboney, Ronald’s mother, says she would give anything to have that type of separation instead of the permanent separation she has endured for 16 years now. She visited her son’s grave today, and shares a heartbreaking message. Time does not heal all wounds.

Agnes is asking that everyone donate what they can to Fight Sanctuary State today in Ronald’s memory, so we can qualify and pass the Children, Family and Community Protection Act and keep other families from experiencing the devastation her family and other angel families have endured.

We’ve set a goal of raising $5,000 today in Ronald’s memory. Please share this with everyone who believes in the rule of law and protecting America’s dreamers.