Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate Wouldn’t be Pulling This Stunt in Mexico!

Los Angeles, CA (March 15, 2018) – This week Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate (if that’s his real name) filed a lawsuit against the federal government for allegedly “colluding” with state prosecutors in an effort to “vindictively” prosecute him on federal weapons charges

Garcia-Zarate is clearly taking his cue from his allies, Libby Schaaf, Kamala Harris, Kevin de Leon, and Xavier Becerra, flipping off California’s families and taking zero responsibility for his criminal conduct. Like his allies, Garcia-Zarate merely deflects criticism and claims persecution in an attempt to excuse himself.

Fight Sanctuary State’s Don Rosenberg commented:

“When it comes to illegal immigration we live in a Bizarro world where everything is the opposite of what it should be. His actions doesn’t surprise me one bit. What sociopaths his attorneys must be to take this case. I’m surprised they didn’t name Kate and her parents in the lawsuit.”

Garcia-Zarate’s claim of “collusion” is laughable. Of course federal and state law enforcement officials and prosecutors communicate with each other about cases. Without that cooperation, many dangerous criminals would be free to roam the streets. In addition, it was a firearm stolen from a federal employee’s truck that Garcia-Zarate fired that July day. The federal government was necessarily involved, since its employee was a witness and its property was stolen and used in a crime.

That a man with an extensive criminal history, whose actions led to the death of a young woman in her father’s arms, and who should already be back in Mexico (since he’s, sadly, not behind bars for the rest of his life) would have the nerve to file such a lawsuit is a pathetic and infuriating.

One thing’s for sure – Garcia-Zarate wouldn’t be pulling this stunt in Mexico.