Orange County Supervisor Calls On County to Follow Los Alamitos’ Lead

After the Los Alamitos City Council passed an ordinance Monday night exempting itself from the California Values Act, Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel released a statement thanking the city’s leaders for their stance.

“I thank the City of Los Alamitos for standing up for its citizens and rejecting the so-called “Sanctuary” legislation passed in Sacramento, and I urge the County of Orange and all of our cities to do the same.

“Senate Bill 54 is dangerous because it blocks local law enforcement from working with federal authorities to remove criminals from our communities.

“Everyone remembers the tragic murder of Kate Steinle, an innocent 32-year-old woman, in 2015. She was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant, Francisco Sanchez, who had already been deported 5 times and racked up 7 felony convictions.

“According to press reports, before the murder, ICE officials asked the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department to inform them when Sanchez would be released so that federal agents could pick him up. But the sheriff’s department said, in keeping with “Sanctuary City” policies, it does not hold detainees on requests from federal immigration officials unless there is a warrant for their arrest.

“Since Senate Bill 54 became effective on January 1, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department ended its federal 287(g) program, under which Sheriff’s Deputies screened inmates and notified Immigration and Customs Enforcement of the pending release of incarcerated illegal immigrants.

“We cannot allow this to happen in Orange County. Orange County should follow federal law and fully cooperate with immigration enforcement to identify and arrest dangerous illegal immigrants.

“We need to protect our families and our homes here in Orange County, and that means bolstering our cooperation with federal immigration enforcement and stopping our county from becoming a sanctuary for criminal illegal immigrants.”

According to this report from the Orange County Register, the true #resistance is spreading.

In Aliso Viejo, Mayor Dave Harrington said his council plans to discuss similar action at its April 4 meeting.

“It is a great thing what they did,” Harrington said of the Los Alamitos vote. “I think they were spot-on; that we take the oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States.”

Buena Park Councilwoman Beth Swift said she plans to request at the next council meeting for the issue to be placed on a future agenda for discussion.

Another city that had been discussing something similar, even before Los Alamitos’ vote, is Huntington Beach, according to Assemblyman Travis Allen, a Republican who represents both Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos.

“Tiny Los Alamitos has kicked open the door and now other cities across California are looking to get onboard and stand up against the illegal sanctuary state,” Allen, who is running for governor, said Tuesday.

We, too, call upon other cities and counties to stand up to Sacramento and refuse to follow their reckless, immoral, and unconstitutional sanctuary laws until we can bring a permanent solution to the voters.

Los Alamitos Votes to Uphold the Constitution, Defy Lawless Sacramento Politicians

The city council of Los Alamitos, California passed an ordinance essentially opting out of adhering to the “California Values Act,” better known as the Sanctuary State law. They also voted in favor of submitting an amici brief supporting the federal government’s position in the case of the United States vs. California.

Mayor Pro Tem Warren Kusumoto introduced the proposed ordinance, properly calling state legislators “bullies.”

Kusumoto, 57, an electrical engineer in the aerospace industry, said he believes state legislators looking to protect people living illegally in the country have overstepped their boundaries and placed him and other local elected officials in a quandary, he said.

“I look at the U.S. Constitution. I look at the state constitution. I look at the SB-54 law as it was amended, and then I looked at California government code – and I said ‘We can’t comply with this,’” Kusumoto said. “I’m no lawyer, but I feel these things are in conflict.”

“This is our way of going on record saying, ‘We’re going to comply with the U.S. Constitution’, ” Kusumoto said.

The proposal generated the usual hate from the side of “tolerance.”

And, a threat from the ACLU.

Pro-sanctuary protesters spouted the standard, stale, and deceptive lines, not admitting (or perhaps ignorant of) the fact that these policies mainly benefit criminal illegal aliens, meaning illegal aliens who have committed crimes OTHER than entering this country illegally.

Jump to about 52:00 into this video, and a sanctuary supporter is emphasizing that “criminals” should be locked up or deported.

He obviously doesn’t understand that repeat criminals are the ones who benefit, like the twice-deported, repeat drunk driver who killed a six-year-old girl almost exactly a month ago just 15 miles down the road from Los Alamitos City Hall.

Kusumoto says his proposed ordinance is not anti-immigrant, and neither is he.

“I’m not anti-immigrant. I recognize we’re a melting pot. I’m proof of that,” said Kusumoto. His grandparents emigrated from Japan to Hawaii, before it became a state.

“This is coming from the heart, from the perspective of a simple engineer.”

Residents of Los Alamitos, a community of about 12,000 people in Orange County, were supportive on Twitter.

The vote and reaction tonight show that there are still Californians, both politicians and ordinary citizens, interested in the rule of law and strongly opposed to what Jerry Brown and Xavier Becerra are attempting to do.


(Fight Sanctuary State was founded by a group of Californians committed to the safety of the state’s families by ending sanctuary jurisdiction policies and laws. Please donate to help fund the repeal fight.)