Even the LA Times Editorial Board Disagrees with Lawbreaking Oakland Mayor

Sanctuary-loving politicians usually get a lot of love from the LA Times, but it seems that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf crossed the line with her warnings of ICE raids last week.

The headline of an op-ed by the LA Times Editorial Board (by the board itself, not an op-ed submitted by a random contributor) published March 3 blared:

“It’s one thing to oppose Trump’s policies. It’s another to undercut the law”


Her heart may have been in the right place in seeking to warn those at risk of incarceration and possible deportation. But some of those targeted by ICE agents could very well have been people with violent criminal pasts who can make no legitimate argument for avoiding deportation. And regardless, tipping off her community that immigration officers were about to enforce duly adopted federal immigration laws crosses a line that ought not to be crossed.

State and local officials often justify their pro-Sanctuary beliefs by saying immigration laws are federal laws they shouldn’t bear the burden of enforcing. True enough, says the LA Times editorial board. But that doesn’t mean you actively help the lawbreakers!

[I]f we want people to engage with the legal system, trying to subvert lawful enforcement of immigration codes sends the opposite message. Local subversion of federal rules would be justified in only the most dire circumstances.

And the circumstances illegal immigrants in Schaaf’s jurisdiction find themselves in are not the “most dire,” even if they don’t fit her preferred political mode.

But the federal immigration codes the resisters oppose aren’t inherently inhumane or morally repugnant, despite the Trump administration’s enforcement policies. Nations have a right to protect their borders and set rules about who may come into the country.

If you really believe in your cause, Mayor, fight for it with “every legal tool” you have, but don’t cross the line.

By all means, fight Trump at the polls and in the courts with every legal tool at hand, but to advocate disobeying properly enacted laws and regulations is more likely to make the situation worse than better.

When even the LA Times editorial board says you’ve crossed a line, you’ve really crossed it.

Of course, we believe the mayor has engaged in criminal activity of harboring illegal aliens and obstructing justice with her “warning.” She should be charged with those crimes.