Orange County Sheriff Joins #Resistance Against Sanctuary State

The Orange County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to discuss a number of items related Sanctuary State laws and whether they’ll be enforced in the county at today’s meeting, but Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens has already stepped up the #resistance started by Los Alamitos a few weeks ago.

One provision of SB 54 forbids local law enforcement from sharing inmate information, including home address and release date, with federal officials unless that information is publicly available (or with a warrant signed by a federal judge). So, Sheriff Hutchens is simply posting release dates of all inmates, regardless of immigration status (because we’re not supposed to be influenced by immigration status, right? Equality!), online.

From the LA Times:

“We have an obligation to safeguard our community and we will use every tool available to help hold criminals accountable,” said Orange County Undersheriff Don Barnes. “Our inability to relinquish these individuals to the custody of ICE causes them to be returned to the communities which they prey upon.”

From Jan. 1 to March 19, the agency released 172 inmates in the country illegally into the community because state law prohibited authorities from notifying ICE, said Carrie Braun, a spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Department. It’s unclear if any of those people — whose convictions include domestic violence, theft, driving under the influence and criminal threats — have recidivated.

Thank you, Sheriff!

LA Times Columnist Blatantly Lies About Sanctuary State Bill in De Leon Article

In a piece analyzing CA Senator Kevin de Leon’s track record, LA Times political columnist George Skelton not only glosses over the Sanctuary Statue; he blatantly lies about what SB 54 does.

His controversial bill, which the Trump administration is challenging in court, basically decrees to state and local law enforcement: Leave immigrants who are undocumented but otherwise law-abiding alone, but help federal agents kick out serious criminals. It says local cops should focus on enforcing local laws, and let federal agents enforce their own immigration laws.

Skelton either hasn’t read the same bill we have, or he lacks the ability to comprehend English. Since he’s been a journalist for 50 years, we’ll assume he understands English, and let you draw your own conclusion about his motives.

The “California Values Act” does NOT “decree to state and local law enforcement” to “help federal agents kick out serious criminals.” It FORBIDS cooperation between federal agents and state and local law enforcement in kicking out serious criminals. Local law enforcement officers are not allowed to share any information with the feds that’s not publicly available and are NOT ALLOWED to honor ICE detainers.

De Leon, Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, and Jerry Brown have all taken advantage of a media culture that never challenges a word they say, feeding them misinformation and talking points knowing that the journalists won’t do the hard work of fact-checking or actually reading the bill. (We doubt most legislators read the bills either, so who can expect journalists to?)

Their #TimesUp.

Since Sanctuary State supporters will have the media at their disposal to spread untrue talking points about this destructive law, we will need the help of everyone who believes in the rule of law and putting the dreams of California’s citizens and legal immigrants first in standing up to Sacramento. Please make a donation today!

Criminal Illegal Alien, Serial Child Rapist Arrested in Yuba City

The assault on California’s families continues, aided by sanctuary state-loving politicians.

One of the latest criminal illegal aliens to be arrested is Juan Manuel Robles, a serial child rapist who was caught in Sutter County after leading law enforcement on a chase. During this arrest he was charged with:

Rape, lewd and lascivious conduct with a child, sexual penetration on a child under 14, unlawful sexual contact with a child, sexual battery, causing willful harm/injury, sodomy and evading police/disregard to public safety, and illegal entry.

According to local radio station KUBA, Robles has been arrested for similar crimes in the past and the Sheriff’s Department is investigating the possibility that there are additional victims.

ICE has issued a detainer for Robles, who is currently being held under $100,000 bail. Because some of the offenses he’s charged with are not covered by the TRUST Act, the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office has the discretion to comply with the ICE detainer without running afoul of SB 54 should this pervert make bail. But why should the Sheriff have to look to Sacramento for permission to comply with ICE and kick this child rapist out of the country?

It’s time to let Sacramento know we’re not standing for policies that put our children in danger of illegal criminal alien perverts harming them. Join us today!