Fight Sanctuary State Announces California Ballot Initiative to Repeal Sanctuary Laws

Fight Sanctuary State co-founder Don Rosenberg announced the group’s proposed ballot initiative on “Fox and Friends” Wednesday morning.

Many Californians are justifiably outraged by Sanctuary State laws and have focused on repealing SB 54 and AB 450. Our proposed initiative would accomplish this. But simply repealing those two laws will not fully address the scope of the problems Californians face as a result of mass, unchecked illegal immigration. Long before SB 54, “sanctuary” jurisdictions in California have obstructed federal immigration enforcement, and with each legislative session illegal aliens are given more privileges by state lawmakers. These laws and policies must also be rolled back – and prohibited in the future.

Without laws on the books tying their hands – and criminalizing their obstructive behavior – politicians like Kevin de Leon, Jerry Brown, and Libby Schaaf will continue to prioritize illegal alien criminals and penalize law-abiding citizens and legal residents.

Schaaf, de Leon, and Brown claim SB 54 is needed to protect otherwise law-abiding illegal aliens who are victims of crime from being deported should they report a crime or serve as a witness. They claim that “dangerous” criminals will still be turned over to ICE, and that sanctuary cities are safe cities. Each one of those claims is a flat-out lie, and they know it.

Here are the facts Schaaf, de Leon, and Brown are hiding.

FACT: SB 54 does not contain any provision protecting otherwise “law-abiding” illegal aliens. SB 54 orders state and local law enforcement authorities to halt any cooperation with ICE or the Border Patrol – even simply sharing inmate release dates. SB 54 actually harms otherwise “law-abiding” illegal aliens by forcing ICE agents to apprehend criminal illegal aliens in the community instead of at a secure location like a jail.

FACT: As of January 1, 2018 thousands of “dangerous” criminals have been released to the streets instead of being turned over to ICE. Perhaps Schaaf, de Leon and Brown have a different definition of “dangerous” than we do, but we believe most Californians want drug dealers, drunk drivers, and sex offenders turned over to ICE and not set free. In Orange County alone, more than 240 criminals have been released back into the community instead of being sent to ICE.

FACT: The California cities which have embraced sanctuary policies for decades have the highest crime rates and highest rates of homelessness in the state. Immigrant neighborhoods in those cities are not any safer, in part because those are the neighborhoods to which illegal alien criminals return when they are released from county jails.

FACT: Because of Sanctuary State laws, innocent, law-abiding citizens and legal residents of California are being killed, raped, assaulted, and burglarized by illegal alien criminals who would not have been in a position to harm them otherwise. In February 2018, six-year-old Grace Aguilar was killed by a drunk driver who had previously been convicted of DUI – and who had been deported twice. He was not detained for ICE after his 2015 DUI conviction. In January, an illegal alien who had obtained a driver’s license and was driving for Uber was arrested for raping four college students.

Despite the facts, these politicians continue to lie to the people of California and smile as they go out of their way to subvert the work of federal immigration officers. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is more motivated to attack AG Sessions, President Trump, and California employers than to rid the state of illegal alien felons.

For some reason our state’s leaders are hellbent on protecting illegal alien criminals instead of performing their sworn duties.

We’ve had enough.

Our ballot initiative, if passed, will:

  • Delete CA Government Code Sections 7284 through 7284.12, 7285, 7285.1, 7285.2, and Labor Code Sections 90.2 and 1019.2 (SB 54 and AB 450),
  • Require that state and local law enforcement notify federal immigration authorities when they have an illegal alien in custody,
  • Require that state and local law enforcement agencies fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities and honor detainer requests,
  • Impose criminal penalties and fines on government officials, government employees, and government agencies who obstruct federal immigration enforcement,
  • Prohibit the DMV from issuing new drivers licenses to illegal aliens, and make any drivers licenses currently held by illegal aliens non-renewable,
  • Require that voters provide documentation proving United States citizenship when registering to vote or before voting the first time, and
  • Require that county election boards retain such documentation for four years.

Fight Sanctuary State co-founder Agnes Gibboney remarked, “My son, Ronald, was murdered by a previously-deported illegal alien who is a gang member. His murderer is scheduled to be released sometime in 2020. Because of the Sanctuary State laws, I’ve been told that I will need an order from a federal judge for ICE to pick him up at the end of his sentence. Otherwise, he will be released to the streets. It’s time that these dangerous laws are done away with and that Californians are protected, not illegal aliens.”

Don Rosenberg, a Fight Sanctuary State co-founder whose son Drew was killed by an illegal alien criminal, said, “Most Californians would be horrified to realize the full impact of illegal alien crime in our state. Sanctuary policies kill our children and kill our dreams. I’ve been advocating for changes to our laws since my son’s death, and California’s leaders still don’t get it. Since they won’t take steps to put Californians first, the voters will do it for them.”

Lizbeth Mateo: We Don’t Need More Attorneys in CA, Especially Those Who Don’t Follow the Law

Los Angeles, CA (March 15, 2018) – Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon is again showing his preference for illegal aliens over law-abiding citizens and legal residents by appointing an illegal alien to a statewide post.

Wednesday the California Senate Rules Committee appointed “attorney and immigrants rights activist” Lizbeth Mateo to the California Student Opportunity and Access Program Project Grant Advisory Committee. He proudly trumpets the fact that Mateo is NOT in California legally, and trumpets her “courage.”

“Ms. Mateo is a courageous, determined and intelligent young woman who at great personal risk has dedicated herself to fight for those seeking their rightful place in this country.”

People who come here illegally do not have a “rightful place” in this country. Mateo came to the United States when she was “only” 14 years old, speaks fluent Spanish, and the flag she waved and the country she thanked at her law school graduation was NOT the United States.

Fight Sanctuary State co-founder Don Rosenberg’s son was killed by an illegal alien. Of Mateo’s appointment, Rosenberg says:

“If Ms. Mateo is so ‘dedicated to Oaxaca, Mexico,’ she should return to Oaxaca and practice there. Unlike Mexico, California is not in need of more attorneys, especially attorneys who do not believe in or adhere to the laws of the United States.”

De Leon’s loyalty to things other than the United States and the Constitution is infuriating to those who take the rule of law and American values seriously, but to us it is heartbreaking as well. We’ve dealt with the loss of our children, killed by people who shouldn’t have been in this country to begin with, and now a man who aims to be the governor of our beautiful state mocks the loss of our dreams by continually ignoring the rule of law.

His actions, and the actions of politicians like Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and Attorney General Becerra, prove that sadly this state’s leaders are incapable of upholding their oaths of office and that a constitutional amendment forcing them to do so is necessary. We will be announcing the details of our proposed California constitutional amendment in the coming days.

Gov. Faubus Would be Proud of Becerra’s Stand in “Sanctuary” California

Jennifer Van Laar   Jennifer Van Laar  Posted: Jan 25, 2018 12:01 AM

In California we’ve become accustomed to our “leaders” going out of their way to give things to illegal aliens, from college tuition to driver’s licenses and everything in between, but somehow thought they’d have to draw the line at breaking federal law. That illusion was shattered last week when the state’s Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, held a press conference threatening federal law enforcement agencies and employers with dire consequences if they attempted to uphold or comply with federal immigration law in the state.

If you haven’t been following the issue, California’s new “sanctuary state” laws essentially prohibit the use of any state funds, personnel, or buildings for immigration enforcement, and prohibit employers from sharing information about their employees’ immigration status or employment documents (such as on an I-9) with federal authorities without a court order. 

As I watched the press conference, I became enraged that my state government would prioritize the “rights” of illegal aliens over the safety of my family. I spoke to Fight Sanctuary State’s Don Rosenberg, who is leading an effort to repeal the new laws, to see what he thought about Becerra’s remarks. When we first spoke he didn’t have a lot to say, just that, “I’m trying to comprehend the incomprehensible.” He later sent me an email with his thoughts.

“It’s not often in my life that I have been at a loss for words, but after watching Becerra explain how EVERYONE must obey the new laws, I’m tongue tied. Not because I don’t know what to say, but because I don’t know what he said.

“What I heard Becerra say is that if you are a citizen of California you cannot abide by federal law as it concerns illegal aliens. You must follow California law. To hell with the Supremacy Clause. To hell with right and wrong. You have no rights, but those here illegally do.

“You must follow the law even if it means you are guilty of obstruction of justice. You must protect, aid and abet and harbor illegal aliens – because they have more rights than you do.

“Orval Faubus must be proud. Not because he would agree with who you are protecting, but because he would cherish your blatant disregard of federal law. His despicable attempt to ‘protect’ whites from blacks is no different than California’s outrageous attempt to protect illegal immigrant criminals from receiving the justice they so richly deserve – while claiming the purpose is greater public safety.”

Hearing Becerra, Kevin De Leon, and Jerry Brown say these laws somehow make Californians safer is a joke. They put everyone at risk, especially communities with large numbers of immigrants, since local jails are forced to release criminals they’re previously reported to ICE back into the community, and ICE is now forced to apprehend them in these neighborhoods instead of at a secure jail.

“He calls these illegal alien criminals ‘Californians.’ Mr. Becerra, let me remind you that people who illegally invade California are no more Californians than I would be a Becerra if I broke into your home and refused to leave. You’re not asking anyone to ‘respect their privacy.’ You’re asking people to protect illegal aliens from prosecution and deportation.

“How do you spell hypocrite? B-E-C-E-R-R-A. You threaten people, saying, ‘Ignorance of the law does not allow you to escape punishment,’ but show your ignorance by ignoring the fact that the people you want to protect are violating the law by entering the country illegally. You threaten businesses with $10,000 fines if they violate your ‘trumped’ up privacy law but ignore the fact that these businesses (maybe ignorantly) violated the law by hiring these people in the first place.”

Sanctuary city/state proponents always like to make a distinction between people who came here illegally and have been law-abiding since they arrived and those who continue to commit crimes. While I appreciate that a portion of illegal immigrants desire to simply make a better life for themselves, there is no such thing as a non-criminal illegal immigrant. They already broke the law by entering the country illegally. I have a number of friends whose parents immigrated legally from war-torn countries in Central and South America, requiring great sacrifice, and they are all vehemently opposed to people who did it illegally being rewarded for it.

“But if you are so concerned with everyone following the law, let me tell you where to start.

“My son and many others are dead because your predecessor, Kamala Harris, didn’t enforce the law. Neither did Gavin Newsom, George Gascon, or Jerry Brown. Hundreds continue to die every year at the hands of illegal aliens because the law is not enforced. As you said, ‘ignorance of the law does not allow you to escape punishment.’ When will we see you indicting these scofflaws for refusing to follow the law?

“With any luck we’ll see ICE come to California to protect law-abiding people from these illegal alien criminals then see a federal prosecutor charge you with multiple violations of 8-1324, to protect us from you.”

California has entered a bizarro world in which evil is rewarded and good punished; where criminals have rights and law-abiding people live in fear of asserting their rights. Whether through repeal, court action, or the federal government asserting its rights, change can’t come soon enough.

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